Ship Library & Web API

by Sincerely, Inc.

Ship Library Closing Down July 31, 2015

Add print & ship functionality to your app or web site using the Sincerely Ship Library for iOS or Web API.

Sincerely handles all printing, delivery, billing and customer support. Your users will get a physical product they'll love & you'll monetize your app while extending your brand.


Add print & ship functionality to your app in less than an hour.

Monetize your app; earn 70% of purchase price above 99¢.

Leverage Sincerely's global printing and address book network.

Spread your brand; each printed postcard has a branding area.

How it works...

Import the Ship Library and pass us an image. Guess what? That's it!

From there, we'll take the user through a couple steps, starting with image cropping.

To personalize a card, the user can add a custom message and avatar.

The Ship Library will manage the user's recipients list.

Checkout is managed for you as well. You don't have to worry about collecting or storing billing info!

And that's it! The only thing you'll need to worry about is all your happy customers.